How To Keep Power Savings Mode ON Pixel 2

How To Keep Power Savings Mode ON Pixel 2
How To Keep Power Savings Mode ON Pixel 2

Owners of the new Google Pixel 2 should know they can keep the Power Saving Mode for as long as possible. Most people will like to know this because the battery that comes with the Google Pixel 2 is not removable or replaceable which means that you can’t get a new one or use a new one. This makes the users of the Google Pixel 2 to be interesting in knowing how they save their battery to use it for important activities when they cannot charge their Google Pixel 2.

The work of the power save mode is to reduce drain on your battery and helps your device to stay ON as long as possible without charging it. You can enter the Power Save Mode on your Google Pixel 2 from the status bar. 

Google has set the default battery percentage before it automatically turns on the Power Save Mode at 20%. But if you are interested in knowing how you can turn on the Power manually, I’ll explain below how you can do this on your Pixel 2.

How to Keep Power Save Mode on Permanently for Pixel 2:

  1. Power up Google Pixel 2
  2. Click on Menu
  3. Locate Settings and click on it
  4. Click on “Battery”
  5. Tap “Power Save Mode”
  6. Click on “Start Power Saving,” you will be provided with options like:
  7. 5% battery power
  8. 15% battery power
  9. 20% battery power
  10. 50% battery power
  11. Click on “Immediately”

When you are done following the steps above, you can now manually turn on the Power Saving Mode on your Google Pixel 2.

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