How To Print Documents From Essential PH1

How To Print Documents From Essential PH1

he good thing about owning an Essential PH1 is you can print documents, photos, files without the use of a computer. The Essential PH1 is compatible with wireless printers. You can easily do this by downloading the correct driver or plugin on the Essential PH1.

Once you have the correct plugin needed for wireless connection with the printer, you can now start printing your desired documents or photos instantly. Follow the steps on how you can print with the Essential PH1 via WiFi.

How To Print Documents From Essential PH1

This guide is specific with printing on the Epson brand using the Essential PH1. The guide is also applicable to other brands of the printer such as Canon, Brother, HP and many more.

  1. Switch Essential PH1 on
  2. In the menu, Tap on “Settings”
  3. Search “Connect and Share” and click it
  4. Tap “Printing Button”
  5. You will see the printers that are already installed. If your printer is not included on the list, tap on the “+” at the bottom of the screen.
  6. Select the brand of your printer once Google Play Store has opened automatically
  7. If you found your printer brand, go back to Settings > Printing
  8. The “Epson Print Enabler” will show up and connect to the printer
  9. Note: Check if the printer is ON
  10. Select the printer on your phone and start printing!

If the Essential PH1 has successfully connected to the wireless printer, there are 3 settings on the smartphone for a better printing:

  • Print quality
  • Layout
  • 2-Sided printing

How to Print Essential PH1 Email Wirelessly

The Essential PH1 has the full control on wireless printing. You can even print an email quickly this way simply by tapping the menu button. Just make sure that all the settings are correct and the plugins are installed.