Private Notifications On Essential PH1

Private Notifications On Essential PH1

The Essential PH1 has a feature that allows the user to have a quick peek at the newly received message. But some users don’t like to show the exact content of the message and the Essential PH1 new feature called the Private Notifications is just perfect. Enabling this feature will hide the content of the message and it will only show the contact name who sent it. This is designed for privacy. It is especially useful if messages contains sensitive and private information.

The Preview feature of the Essential PH1 has advantages also. It decreases your privacy level. But the good thing is this feature can be turned off. If you’re so eager to know how to disable this on your Essential PH1, follow the steps below on how to turn off the Preview Messages of Essential PH1.

Essential PH1: How to Enable or Disable Message Preview

  1. Switch Essential PH1 on
  2. Go to Settings from the Essential PH1 menu screen
  3. Select Applications
  4. Tap on Messages and select Notification
  5. Browse for Preview Message
  6. Once it opened, the options “Lockscreen” and “Status Bar” boxes will appear
  7. Check or uncheck the box to enable or disable the Preview Message feature

You have a choice on which you would like your Preview Message to show up.  It can be on the lock screen or the status bar. Check or uncheck to choose between the two.

Many Essential PH1 users prefer to switch this Preview Message off to protect their privacy by keeping the notifications and your messages private. We can’t really control who holds our phone and what kind of text message content is sent to us.