How To Remove Duplicate Contacts On Google Pixel 2

How To Remove Duplicate Contacts On Google Pixel 2

If you just got the Pixel 2 and you moved your contacts from your old device to the new Pixel, it is possible that you will have duplicate contact phone numbers. There is no need to be worried because you can consolidate duplicate contacts on your device. It is easy and fast to do. Also you don’t need to spend your hard earned money trying to find an app that will remove duplicates for a fee on your Pixel 2. You can make use of the guide below to learn how to remove duplicate contacts on your Pixel 2.

The most common cause of duplicate contacts on Pixel 2 is because of more than one email account being used and associated with the device. Each account imports all contacts associated with it. Although, you can manually delete each duplicate contacts but there is a faster and easier way of removing all the duplicates at once. You can merge both individual contacts while making it still exists in both your work and personal address books.

How You Can Delete Contact Duplicates on Pixel 2

You do not need to use a computer to delete and merge duplicate contacts. If your contact list is really clustered and disorganized, you can fix it in your Gmail. Follow these instructions to remove duplicate contacts on the Pixel 2:

  1. Power on your Pixel 2
  2. Locate Contacts
  3. Search your contact list until you locate the contact that you want to combine
  4. Tap the first contact
  5. Search for the option called Connected via. Tap the link icon that appears on the right of your screen
  6. Tap ‘Link another Contact’
  7. Click on the two contacts you want to merge and then click on back.

Quick Way to Clean Up Pixel 2 Contacts

There is a preloaded tool on your Pixel 2 that you can easily use to clean up contacts on your device. Follow the tips below to spot the duplicate contacts and clean up you contact list.

  1. Switch on your Pixel 2
  2. Locate Contacts
  3. Tap on the menu icon
  4. Click on Link Contacts

After clicking on Link Contacts, a list will appear that you can use to sort by name, phone number or email address to easily locate the duplicate contacts. Click on the contacts to merge them. Click on ‘Done’ to merge and remove duplicate contacts on your Pixel 2.