How To Rename LG V30

How To Rename LG V30

The name is an essential part of our being. It gives us a sense of direction, purpose and our own spin of uniqueness. Giving your LG V30 its own name shall separate it from the rest of the other LGV V30’s around the world. Also, the name will also appear whenever you try to connect your device to other devices via Bluetooth or syncing your phone to your PC.

LG V30 users who love their phone like their own child, it’s time to shed away those generic name of it and give it a unique name. Here are the steps in renaming your LG V30:

Renaming your LG V30

  1. Open your LG V30
  2. Once you’re in the Home screen, tap menu
  3. Press settings
  4. Search for the Device Information option
  5. Browse then tap on Device Name
  6. A pop-up window will appear allowing you to rename your LG V30

Once you have done this, your LG V30’s new name shall appear on any device you connect with it.