How To Save Photos From Text Message On Essential PH1

How To Save Photos From Text Message On Essential PH1

We all have that friend who loves to send pictures over text messages than texting. They may be sending information in an image form to make it easier to read. It can be saved on your Essential PH1 so you won’t have to scroll through your message thread to find that information. So, how can you save a photo from a text message? The guide below will show you how it’s done.

There are two types of messages, the MMS (Multimedia Message Messaging) and SMS (Short Message Service) but most of Essential PH1 users use the SMS. Once you learned how to save a photo from text messages, you will also be able to save one from an MMS since the same process applies to types of messaging. After you saved the image, it’s automatically added to your Essential PH1 gallery. It can now be shared on Twitter, Facebook, email, or Instagram.

Whatever kind of messaging app you’re using such as Kik or WhatsApp, saving an image is possible as long as you know the process. The guide shown is made if you’re using the default Essential PH1 Messages app, but the same applies to third party messaging app, too.

How to Save a Photo from Text Message

  1. Select the text message with the photo you like to save
  2. Tap on the picture until it goes full screen
  3. Tap on the diskette icon on the upper part of the photo or tap anywhere on the screen to show it
  4. Save the photo and check it on your Gallery

How to Save Multiple Photos from Text Messages

If your friend has sent you multiple images and you need to save it simultaneously, don’t worry! The Essential PH1 can do that, too. What’s more that this phone can’t do? Saving it simultaneously will save up time.

  1. Select the text message that has the picture you like to save
  2. Press and hold the photo until a menu shows up
  3. Tap on “Save Attachment”
  4. You’ll see a menu with options for savings attachments
  5. Tap on the images and click Save
  6. Have it renamed to make it easier to find on the Gallery

Once you’re finished doing all that step, go to the Gallery of your Essential PH1 now and you’ll see all that photos there waiting to be shared!