Screen Rotation On Motorola Moto Z2

Screen Rotation On Motorola Moto Z2

Some of very proud owners of the Moto Z2 device have recently brought up a problem about the device’s  rotation not working on their devices, which also include the gyroscope, or accelerometer on the Moto Z2 is not functioning properly.   This is the problem encountered when the device’s screen does not rotate even on the Internet Page and stays in the vertical position and would not rotate when the camera is moved.

Screen rotation problems also sometimes result in camera malfunctions. You may be experiencing the camera showing everything upside down. Below we will be discussing how to rectify the problem. Always try updating your software as this may be a simple way to solve the problem.

The options are two, and one of them is to do a hard reset on the device

Sensor Test

You can do a device self-test to see if the rotation sensors are working.  This can be done by keying in the code “*#0*#” (Excluding the quotation marks) on the touchpad. Once you are in the screen for the service mode, then perform a manual test.

If by any chance your network provider has disabled your ability to access the service screen, then your only last recourse is to set your phone to go back to  factory default settings, and to learn about how to do a factory reset on your phone, you can read this guide. You should try contacting your provider, as they may have a solution. You can try gently tapping the phone to jolt the sensors back into working. Just to subtly jolt your device. If you think the risk is worth taking, then do so but at all times be cautious please.

Again, the most effective way to fix the issue, (which we strongly recommend) when the Moto Z2 screen wont rotate is to perform a hard reset. Always backup your data before a hard reset as this process will delete EVERYTHING on your device.