How To Set Favorite Contacts On Google Pixel 2

How To Set Favorite Contacts On Google Pixel 2

The new Google Pixel 2 has a lot of amazing features; one of them is setting a specific contact as a favourite by adding the star icon to their contact which makes it easier to locate them on your list. Instead of searching for the contact in hundreds of contacts on your smartphone, you can add the contacts that you interact with often as a favourite. The favourite option makes it easier to use your contact list. I’ll explain below how you can set up your favourite list of contact on your Pixel 2.

For owners of the Pixel 2 that have used an Android device before, you will be used to seeing some contacts showing at the top of your contact list, and here I’ll explain how you can include specific people that are important to you and how to remove them later, the tips below are instructions how to include a contact on your favourite list on Pixel 2.

How to Star Favorited Contacts On Pixel 2

  1. Switch on your Pixel 2
  2. locate the Phone app
  3. Click on the contacts section
  4. Choose the specific contact you want to add to your favorite list
  5. Click on the star icon in the red circle

You can also set a contact as a favourite by clicking on the name in your list. Click the star icon placed at the top of the screen under their name to remove a favourite. The contact will automatically be added to your favourite list.

Pixel 2 lists all contacts alphabetically by default. There’s no way to change this setting, so you will not be allowed to re-order contacts.

If you want to delete a contact from your favourite list, just unclick the star icon. Alternatively, you can delete the contact from your contact list.