How To Speed Up Web Browsing On Essential PH-1

How To Speed Up Web Browsing On Essential PH-1

This article will show you possible solutions to the web browsing issues on Essential PH-1. As an Essential PH-1 user, you may be experiencing lag and slow internet speeds on your phone. This can cause problems when accessing the internet  regardless of which browser (Android or Google Chrome) you are using. Fortunately, there are some things you can do and tweak here and there to improve this slow internet speed problem on your Essential PH-1.

These steps are not able to make your internet faster than possible, this still depends on the bandwidth and other factors. But it solves device-related problems either on the software or hardware itself, and allows for improved browsing on the internet. Internet speed is obvious for heavy-loading websites and applications such as YouTube or other streaming services. So, to speed up web browsing on your Essential PH-1, refer to the instructions below:

Speeding Up Your Web Browsing On Essential PH-1

There are hidden Google Chrome browser features that you can use to improve internet speed on your Essential PH-1. You can make use of this through typing on the address bar of your browser. Refer to the step-by-step method below to resolve this:

  1. Switch your Essential PH-1 on.
  2. Access Google Chrome.
  3. In the URL or address bar, type “chrome://flags” without apostrophe
  4. Search for “Maximum tiles for interest area”(#max-tiles-for-interest-area ) on the options listed
  5. Select the Dropdown menu called “Default” and change its value to 512
  6. Select “Relaunch Now” from the bottom of the page to save changes

It is vital to remember that any other options or settings in the Chrome://flags menu should not be touched or edited. This may cause instability to the web browser causing performance problems. Most options presented on the list are access for beta testing and other updates that have not yet been released or completed.

You should now be browsing faster at a better speed on your Essential PH-1 after having followed the instructions above.