Text To Speech Feature Essential PH-1

Text To Speech Feature Essential PH-1

The Essential PH-1 device has a feature that gives you the ability to text to speech. This special ability is very easy to download in the settings of the device itself. Compared to other smartphones wherein you have this ability by downloading the application or feature through Google Play, wherein it is name Text To Speech, when downloaded on the smartphone, you can get the device to read text out loud.

Using this feature on your Essential PH-1 device, lets the device read the text messages to you, wherein you can hear it should you choose to rather than read it yourself, which also allows the Essential PH-1 to be able to read these text messages in different translations or languages, which is a also a book, along with many modern and cool settings. You can also have your Essential PH-1 device so this and read the text messages in many different languages besides the more common, English language.

Here are the different procedures on how to be able to get your text to speech feature ready on your Essential PH-1 device.

How To Get PH-1 Text-To-Speech Working

  1. Switch your Essential PH-1 device on
  2. You have to be on the Essential PH-1 Home screen
  3. Click on to select Settings
  4. Maneuver until you get into Settings
  5. Click on to Select Language & input
  6. Under the speech section, Click on to Select Text to Speech
  7. You need to Decide on which TTS engine you would like to enable
  8. Essential text-to-speech engine
  9. Google Text-to-speech engine
  10. Right beside the TTS Engine you choose, please click on to select the Settings symbol
  11. Click on to Select Install voice data.
  12. Tap on to Select Download
  13. Please wait for the language you choose to be able to be loaded on the device
  14. Click on to Select the Back key.
  15. Click on to select the Language you prefer.

The Essential PH-1 Text to speech, bear in mind is not intended for people who do not see well. Because your Essential PH-1 device will let you know about everything you do, as you do it, for instance, like where you are on the device, either you are on the menu section, which applications you are hitting, and what the applications is saying, asking you to do, plus the choices you make on the phone.