Text To Speech On LG V30

Text To Speech On LG V30

A feature of the LG V30 authorized it to form a text to speech which makes things more uncomplicated when used. This V30 feature is very easy to use and doesn’t require much effort to set up. Other smartphones don’t have the same feature and instead, they still need to digitize the application in the Play Store and try accessing it to be in used.

Gett your V30 to read text aloud with the use of the Text to Speech feature of the V30. It can speak a book, translations, and many additional things. You can use this feature with English or a variety of other languages.

Below we’ve included a procedure on how to enable text to speech on V30.

How to Set up V30 Text-To-Speech to Function:

  1. Turn LG V30 is power on
  2. From the home screen go to Settings > System
  3. Select “Language & Input”
  4. Under Speech choose Text-to-Speech
  5. Select your preferred TTS engine: LG or Google
  6. Next to the search bar tap Settings
  7. Choose Install voice data > Download
  8. Give the installation process a minute or two to complete
  9. Go back
  10. Choose your language

Note taking is important thus understanding what the problem or the intention is about. This feature is not designed as an accessibility feature. The visually impaired will need additional support. The LG V30 text-to-speech feature is meant to be used as a method of hands-free operation for receiving text messages, emails and other text-based information.