Touch Screen Not Working On iPhone X

Touch Screen Not Working On iPhone X
Touch Screen Not Working On iPhone X

The most common issue noticed by the iPhone X users is when the touchscreen is being unresponsive. This is very annoying especially when you’re conversing with someone but you can’t type any of the keys on the screen to reply. This issue includes the part where it is said that the touchscreen isn’t working, it’s not being responsive and other more touchscreen issues. The guide below will show you how to fix the iPhone X issue with the touchscreen.

The part where the iPhone X gets commonly unresponsive is the bottom part of the screen. The users usually move the applications on the upper part or the middle part of the screen to continue using their phones without having interruptions.

Reasons Why the iPhone X Touch Screen is Not Working

Most probably, it is caused by the shipping process. The iPhone X touch screen gets faulty because of the travel or boxing of packages or whatever it is. This is usually caused by bumps during the travel.
Software bugs can also be a cause why the touch screen is not working. You will just have to wait until the Apple release a new software updates to fix the software bugs. It usually takes up one or two days, but sometimes it takes longer.

Ways to Solve the iPhone X Touch Screen Not Working Issue

Clear Phone Cache

Enter the Recovery Mode of the iPhone X to boot the smartphone. Follow the steps to clear the phone cache:

Turn on the iPhone X > Go to Settings from the menu screen > Tap on General >  Storage & iCloud Usage. Choose the Manage Storage from the options. Then click on the Documents and Data. Select the unwanted items and slide it to the left and press on Delete. Tap the Edit option and select Delete All to erase all the data of the unwanted application.

Complete Factory Reset

  1. Switch your iPhone X on
  2. Go to Settings from the menu screen
  3. Tap on General from the options
  4. Tap on Reset
  5. Log in by entering your Apple ID and password
  6. Wait for a few minutes to complete the resetting process of your iPhone X
  7. After the resetting process is done, you will see a welcome screen and then swipe anywhere to continue