Touch Screen Unresponsive LG V30 (Solution)

Touch Screen Unresponsive LG V30  (Solution)

Have you experienced tapping your screen repeatedly, only to find out that it isn’t responding to your touch? If you’re an LG V30 user who has encounter this issue in the past, then this guide is for you.

We advise you to don’t rush into buying a new touch screen for your LG V30 because first of all, it costs a lot plus the labor fee for the ones who’ll be installing it as well. Instead, you should inspect first whether the issue is caused by something else, not just because of a hardware malfunction. In this guide, we’ll be teaching you how to check your unresponsive screen and how to deal with it.

Fixing your Unresponsive LG V30 Touch Screen

  1. Open your phone
  2. Open the Phone App
  3. Type “*#0*#” on the keypad
  4. Tap the button that says “Touch”
  5. Once done, several different tiles will appear on your screen shaped like an “X”
  6. Proceed to do the touch test with your fingers. If you are able to do everything, your touchscreen is in good condition

Now, if you aren’t able to proceed with the test even though you’re trying to paint the X-shaped tiles with your finger, run to the nearest LG Service center and they’ll replace your phone with a new one. Just be sure it’s still covered by the warranty.