Touchscreen Issues On iPhone X

Touchscreen Issues On iPhone X

Owners of the Apple iPhone X might be interested in knowing how to fix the touch screen problems on their device. There is no need to be upset and waste money on replacing the touch screen because there are tests that you can carry out that will solve the touch screen issue without having to spend money on a new touch screen. The instructions below will help you understand how you can fix an Apple iPhone X touch screen that is not working properly.

Major Reasons Touchscreen Not Working In Spots on iPhone X

  • You may be experiencing touch screen issues because of excessive bumps that the device experienced during the shipping procedure, this can sometimes affect the touch screen of your Apple iPhone X .
  • It can also be because of a software bug. Apple always release software updates from time to time, make sure you have the latest update.

Fixing iPhone X Touch Screen Not Working

Carry Out a Factory Reset

  1. Power on your Apple iPhone X
  2. Locate Settings and select General
  3. Search and click on Reset
  4. Provide your Apple login details
  5. The process will take some few minute to complete.
  6. Once the process has been completed, a welcome screen will appear asking you to swipe to continue.

Complete a hard reset

One of the important things to point out about this process is that it will wipe off all your files and data. So I will strongly suggest that you backup all your important files before carrying out this process. You can backup your files by locating Settings on your Apple iPhone X  and then go to Backup & reset. You can also make use of this detailed guide on how to hard reset iPhone X.

  1. Touch and hold the sleep and home keys together for more than 10 seconds
  2. Your device will go through an advanced process and the backup will start.
  3. Your device will be back to the home screen after the process has been completed.

Clear Phone Cache

Click on General and then choose Storage & iCloud Usage. Search for Manage Storage and click on it. You can click on an item in Documents and Data. Move the unwanted items to the left and click on Delete. Finally click on Edit > Delete All to remove all the app’s data.

Remove the SIM Card

You will need to Power off your Apple iPhone X , Remove the SIM card and after a few seconds, put it back again and Power on your Apple iPhone X. See if that solve the touch screen issue on your Apple iPhone X.