How To Turn OFF Predictive Text On Apple iPhone X

How To Turn OFF Predictive Text On Apple iPhone X

There are a lot of features on the new Apple iPhone X that not many users are familiar with. Some of these features which you might not want to use include the Predictive Text and as a result, you may have to switch it off.  The Predictive Text features might come in handy though especially since it has been designed as an input technology which suggests words when you are typing basing on the context and the first letter of whatever you are typing. Using this feature, it becomes so much easy to type messages on your iPhone X. However, not everyone fancies this feature and this is why we are dedicating this post to those who would like to know how to turn this Predictive Feature Off.

How to turn OFF Predictive Text on Your Apple iPhone X:

  1. Power on your iPhone X
  2. Head straight to the Settings menu and tap on General
  3. Look for and select “Keyboard”
  4. In the Keyboard settings, turn the “Predictive” toggle to OFF

Text correction options

Turning off the Predictive Text will also make it easier for you to turn Off the Text Correction hence allowing you to add words to your personal dictionary on iPhone X. iOS will therefore be able to identify the words added to the dictionary without having to autocorrect them.