Turn Safe Mode ON or OFF Essential PH1

Turn Safe Mode ON or OFF Essential PH1

In this article, we will show you how to turn Safe Mode on or off on your Essential PH-1. Safe mode is a feature of Android phones that allows users to access the OS when troubleshooting software issues. If applications on your phone no longer work, you can use Safe Mode to fix it.

To understand Safe Mode further, we will give you a basic overview on what Safe mode is and its uses. This mode is used to uninstall programs and remove bugs in a secure environment on your phone. One of its uses is when applications are messing up on your phone and you cannot uninstall them normally, you must switch your Essential PH-1 into Safe Mode and you can now remove the program without harming your phone. After troubleshooting, you can exit Safe Mode and return to normal phone usage. Here are the steps on how to turn safe mode on or off.

Turning on Safe Mode on Essential PH-1:

  1. Switch on your Essential PH-1
  2. Tap and hold the Power/Lock button simultaneously until you see the logo of Essential
  3. Immediately press down Volume Down, and release the Power button right when the logo shows up
  4. Wait until the phone is done restarting
  5. A “Safe Mode” label will show at the bottom left corner of the screen
  6. Stop pressing the Volume Down button
  7. Restart to exit.

It is essential to know that during Safe mode, all third-party apps and services are disabled on your Essential PH-1 until you exit into Normal mode. Some users have also reported that some Essential PH-1 models allows you to exit Safe mode by pressing and holding the Volume Down button during startup, like the same method used to enable it.

Learning how to turn safe mode on and off is essential in troubleshooting common problems on your Essential PH-1, and any other smart phones. The steps we have shown you above provides you the basic tips so that it will be easier for you to perform when needed. If using Safe Mode doesn’t solve your phone’s problems,  you may refer to our other guides or contact an Essential technical specialist.