How To Turn On Screen Mirroring On Google Pixel 2

Screen Mirroring Google Pixel 2

Some Google pixel 2 People will prefer to know how to connect their smartphone to TV. it's truly very easy to connect your Google pixel 2 to your TV, all you would like to try and do is to make sure that you just have the right software system which will work properly along with your Google pixel 2. you'll be able to use the directions that follow to understand how to screen mirror on your Google pixel 2.

Screen Mirroring On Google Pixel 2

Using a Wireless connection to connect pixel 2 to TV

  1. First, you'll need to purchase an Allshare Hub as soon as you get it and you would like to use the screen mirror feature on your Google pel 2 , connect it to your TV via a proper HDMI cable.
  2. Make sure that your TV and your smartphone is on the same wireless network.
  3. Locate Settings and click on Screen Mirroring

Note that you will not need to buy an Allshare hub if you have already got a Google SmartTV.