Turning On Preview Messages On Essential PH-1

Turning On Preview Messages On Essential PH-1
Turning On Preview Messages On Essential PH-1

Essential PH-1 owners may want to learn about how to turn on Preview Message on the Essential PH-1. This feature on your Essential PH-1 gives you the capacity to see the messages without having to unlock your device. This can sometimes be such a pain though. Your phone might display something you do not want other people to get a glimpse of.

It’s fairly simply to turn this feature off. Read on to learn how to disable Message Preview on Essential PH-1.

Essential PH-1: How to Enable or Disable Message Preview

  1. Switch your Essential PH-1 device on
  2. When on the  menu of the Essential PH-1 Select and CLick on Settings
  3. Look for  for Applications and Click on to select  Messages
  4. Choose to have  Notifications on
  5. Try to Select the Preview Messages section
  6. Two boxes will appear one that reads“Lock Screen” and the other reading “Status Bar”
  7. If there is a check mark on the box you do not want to receive previews on, click on the mark to take it off

After you have decided on which ones you do not want to preview messages on,should you decide some time that you would want to, just put the check mark back on the boxes

The most important and sensible reason why you want this feature switched off or disabled is to make sure that your notifications and messages , only you get to see, and no one else would be able to see messages , especially the ones that are quite sensitive and private.

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