How To Use Blocking Mode Do Not Disturb Mode On Essential PH1

How To Use Blocking Mode Do Not Disturb Mode On Essential PH1

Are you one of those busy persons who has a lot of important things to deal with? What is you’re currently having a meeting at your office then suddenly your phone interrupts the speaker? Or maybe you want to have a good sleep and don’t want to be disturbed? Then, Blocking Mode works perfectly for you! Some people find it hard to find the Blocking Mode on Android phones. It’s often mistaken for the Do Not Disturb feature available in iOS. So always take note of the different names of these two uses, they may have the same function but they use different names.

In using the Blocking Mode, you can freely customize the attributes it has. You may want to just prevent calls and yet receives text messages and many more. Below is a quick steps on how to activate and customize the Blocking mode or Do not disturb mode of an Essential PH1

How to Turn ON Blocking Mode on Essential PH1

  1. Switch Essential PH1 on
  2. Click Settings
  3. Search for “Blocking Mode”
  4. From the Blocking Mode you will notice the ON and OFF switch on the upper right corner. Switch the toggle ON
  5. After turning on the Blocking Mode, you will notice in your status a small circle icon that has a dash

How to Set Up the Blocking Mode on Essential PH1

The same with the Do Not Disturb feature on iPhones and iPads, you can also change the types of sound and alerts that are marked as blocked on Essential PH1’s Blocking Mode Feature. It is highly recommended that you should Block all incoming calls and turned off all notifications on applications. But if you turned on the Alarm clock on Essential PH1, you should leave the box in unchecked state for Turn off alarms and time feature.

You may set the Blocking Mode of an Essential PH1 into an automatic mode or set it onto specific time or schedule like assign it only on weekdays or weekend, but this schedule depends on the calendar’s dates. You may also change it by setting a specific time to automatically turn on and off the Blocking Mode of the Essential PH1.

The last option for Blocking Mode is to allow a particular contact to reach you while in Blocking mode. You may either select everyone to block or a Custom List. If you create a custom list, you may add it at the bottom of the page of Do not disturb.

It’s important to note that Blocking Mode cannot stop a repeating caller if you don’t want to answer. But if you want it so bad, just add the number of that caller to reject list by clicking the three dotted icon located at the upper right corner.