What Is Secret Mode On Motorola Moto Z2

What Is Secret Mode On Motorola Moto Z2
What Is Secret Mode On Motorola Moto Z2

In this day and age, your privacy online is very important, since we tend to enter all our valuable data everywhere, on social media, online shopping, and trade. Secret mode is way to access internet on your phone without your activities and search history being tracked by Google or others. It also ensures to leave no trace of any of your passwords, login, or other private data. Below we will show you how to use Secret Mode on your Motorola Moto Z2.

The Secret Mode feature on your Motorola Moto Z2 serves as a security net that ensures that none of your entered data, or links or urls viewed or clicked is saved or stored in any way during your session. Though it is important to note that Secret Mode still keeps your cookies, regardless of it serving as an incognito browser.

Turning ON Private Mode:

  1. Switch your Moto Z2 on..
  2. Access your Google Chrome browser.
  3. Tap the icon with three dots on the upper right corner of your window
  4. Choose the “New incognito tab” from here, and a new window will appear. This is where you start your private browsing

There are several browsers available on the market that serve the same privacy feature. One of these good alternatives is Dolphin Zero, which keeps your data private by default and never remembers them. Another is Opera browser, that has a browser-wide feature to enable private mode.

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