What to Do When You Forget Pin Password on Oneplus 5

What to Do When You Forget Pin Password on Oneplus 5

Have you ever forgotten your pin, pattern or password? Have you been left dejected and warring on how to fix this problem? Your phone remains useful because this issue can be bypass. There are multiple solutions to fix such problem, but the most efficient way is to do a hard factory reset. However, it is essential that your device is backed up to avoid loss of files and data. You can bypass the lock instances on your OnePlus 5 by following the various processes listed below

Reset OnePlus 5 Reset Password with Factory Reset

  1. Switch off the OnePlus 5
  2. Click and hold the home button, the power button, and the volume up button simultaneously until the Android icon appears
  3. In this mode you navigate menus with Volume Up and Down buttons, while the Power button selects.
  4. Click factory reset or wipe data
  5. Highlight yes to delete all user information and data
  6. After rebooting the phone, use the power button to turn on
  7. It will be ready to set up after restarting

If you want to learn the alternative method you can use to reset the factory setting of OnePlus 5, read this guide. Note that you have to backup your data before you do the reset

OnePlus 5 Reset Password Using OnePlus Find My Mobile

You can also make use of OnePlus find my mobile, which is similar to find my iPhone. It is of importance that you register your OnePlus 5 device with OnePlus. You can bypass the lock screen and temporarily reset your OnePlus 5 making use of the Remote Control feature.

  1. Register OnePlus 5 with OnePlus
  2. Temporarily reset the password using the find my mobile service
  3. Use a new temporary password, Bypass the lock screen
  4. Create  another password

OnePlus 5 Password Reset Using Android Device Manager

The requirement for this option is to register your OnePlus 5 with an android device manager. The process is by activating the “Lock” on android device manager which will enable you to get a temporary password on OnePlus 5 device. Follow the steps below:

  1. Log into an Android device manager on a computer
  2. From the screen, locate your OnePlus 5
  3. Activity “Lock and Erase” feature
  4. Follow the procedure to lock your device
  5. Temporarily set a password
  6. Input this password on your OnePlus 5
  7. Use a new password