Where Do I Get Ringtones Essential PH-1

Where Do I Get Ringtones Essential PH-1

For proud Essential PH-1 owners, you may want to learn about  where to get a hold of ringtones for your device. It is vital to know about the PH-1 ringtone, because you may want to customize ringtones for certain people in your contact list , or personalize a ringtone or Alarm for a task you need to complete. We will further discuss how you would gain access to the usual ringtones on your Essential PH-1 device.

The Discussion below would be able to answer wuestions like Where do I get ringtones for the Essential PH-1 device .The major reason why you woudl create a customized ringtone for certainpeopl in your cotact list, is to make your device more persoanlized and most importantly to knopw who it  is trying to get a hold of without having to look into your device itself.

How to Download Ringtones to Essential PH-1

It is a walk in the park to make custom ringtones for particular people in your contact list. You have the choice to create or customize  ringtones for each individual contact, and do the same for text messages too. The procedure to go by doing so, is below:

  1. Switch your Essential PH-1 device on.
  2. Maneuver your way to the  Dialer application.
  3. Look for  and select the contact you want to customize a ringtone for
  4. Click on to Select the symbol shaped like a a pen to alter the contact.
  5. Then  click on to select the “Ringtone” button.
  6. a window will appear showing you all the ringtones you have on your device.
  7. Look for  and  click select the song you choose as a ringtone

If the ringtone you’d like doesn’t appear hit add. Look for it in the storage of the device, and Click on it to Select it.