Why Are Emojis Not Showing On My LG V30

Why Are Emojis Not Showing On My LG V30?

Some of the owners of LG V30 are sending complaints because the Emojis not showing up. The main reason why some LG V30 owners cannot see the emojis is their software does not support them. All smartphones need the specific software to read and have access on the emojis. One way to access emojis on the default keyboard and messaging app is by clicking on the messaging “Menu” and tap on the “Insert Smiley.”

Operating System

First, check for software updates for your LG V30. The software update can be a solution for the emojis not showing up. Updating the software is done through the Settings and click on “More“. When done, tap on the System Update > Update LG Software. A message will display showing that your software is up to date or needs and update. After completing an update your emojis should be available.

Different Software

Another reason why the emojis don’t show up on the LG V30 is when the person you are having communication with on your default messaging app does not match your software. Like for example, the person texted you with emojis included is using a Samsung S7 and you aren’t able to see the emojis he sent. Try to communicate this to the person you’re texting to avoid confusion.