Why Doesn’t My iPhone X Screen Rotate

Why Doesn’t My iPhone X Screen Rotate
Why Doesn’t My iPhone X Screen Rotate

Screen rotation is a good feature of iPhone X, especially if you love to watch videos or play games with good graphics where screen rotation is required or necessary. One issue when you turn on the screen rotation or when it is activated the accelerometer in your iPhone X is sometimes it gets stuck in its vertical mode even when you rotate the camera.

Another irritating issue of this feature in the iPhone X is when the camera gets inverted incorrectly, and even all the buttons are upside down, too.

iPhone X Rotate Screen Issue Solution

Fixing the screen rotation when it is not working on your iPhone X has two methods. The first method is to hard reset the iPhone X.

The second method which is also effective is to check if the lock screen option is turned on or not. You can follow the steps below on how to unlock the Portrait Orientation Lock feature.

  1. Open your smartphone
  2. Swipe the screen in an upward motion
  3. Press the lock icon located on the upper right corner of the screen
  4. Inspect whether the screen rotation is already okay by changing its screen orientation

The only reason you why you need to reset the phone to its factory defaults is if your wireless carrier has disabled the option where you can access the service screen. If you have important files on your phone, it is better to ask for a recommendation from your service provider to check this issue if they have some solution for you.

Another out-of-the-box tip from some that we don’t suggest for Apple iPhone X users is hitting it with the back of your hand to give your phone a gentle jolt. If you want to take the risk, you may want to do that, just be careful.