Why Is Essential PH-1 Internet Slow

Why Is Essential PH-1 Internet Slow

For Essential PH-1 owners, you may find it helpful to know about why the internet on device is slow.This has been reported when using applications.

There could be several reasons why internet is relatively slow on your device, it is not able to load pages properly or at all.

  • Weak or very low signal strength
  • Weak WiFi network
  • Website you are trying to access, has a lot of other users accessing it the at same time
  • Very many users of the network you are on
  • Low device memory
  • Internet cache is corrupted or crowded
  • The PH-1 firmware needs to be updated
  • Very old browser  or its software need to be updated
  • You have went over the data speed limited and have reached the limit wherein speed slows down.

It may be one or several of the reason stated above that causes the internet to slow down. After you have checked thoroughly , and have figured out that it is not caused by any of them , and still you can not seem to determine the reason why there is weak data connection, below are some steps for you to try and do to rectify the problem.

Scan PH-1 For Malware

If none of those steps discussed above seems to help you solve the Slow Internet connection you have to check and verify if the device has malware present in it. You can download a free antivirus application from the Google Play Store. Download one that has good feedback and reviews from users. Do this to make sure you efficiently get rid of the malware in your device.

After conducting the download and the check and you have determined that there indeed is malware on your device, you can choose to try and clear the cache on your phone as well as the data. (cache and data on your PH-1) If the problem still persists after doing so, you can try and do  a factory reset on your PH-1 device. Is till the stubborn problem persists, it is time to do a factory reset on the PH-1, to bring everything back to the way things were, when the device was first taken out of the box it came in.

Clear Caches on PH-1

Most of the time the steps discussed above, will help you rectify the problem. However, if the problem still persists doing a “wipe cache partition” would fix the issue. The action does not delete any data on your device. Your personal data will be safe. You can do the “wipe cache partition function on the Android Recovery Mode. Here is a guide on how to do so: how to clear PH-1 phone cache.

Deactivate Wifi on PH1

Check your wifi signal. If it’s weak, you should try turning it off and using data. Here is how you go about doing so:

  1. Switch  the Essential PH-1 device On
  2. Click on Select Menu
  3. Click on Select Settings
  4. Tap on Select Connections
  5. Click to Select Wi-Fi
  6. Tap on the OFF/ON slide beside Wi-Fi to turn WiFI off or to disable it

Get Technical Support

If you have followed all the steps discussed above and you have done everything you can to troubleshoot and rectify the issue of the Internet being slow on your Essential PH-1 device, to no avail, It is strongly suggested that you bring the device back to where you got it or any store that has a technician who can take a look see of the device.Once the technician determines that it is defective, you can request for a replacement from your retailer, or have it fixed by the technician.