WiFi Connection Problem On iPhone X

WiFi Connection Problem On iPhone X

Some owners of the Apple iPhone X have been reporting issues about their device Wi-Fi connection. Most of these owners have complained that they always experiencing slow internet issue whenever they use social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and others. This has become a issue that really bothers them and they will like to know how they can fix it. Most of the time when they try to access these sites on their Apple iPhone X, the icons won’t load and it can sometimes be a headache.

This issue can be as a result of a poor signal Wi-Fi that your Apple iPhone X is still connected to. A poor Wi-Fi signal will prevent you from having access to the internet with your Apple iPhone X.

I will list some tips below that you can use to solve the Wi-Fi connection problem on your Apple iPhone X.

Solving iPhone X WiFi Connection Problem

  • You can first try to Factory Reset Apple iPhone X
  • You can also click on “Forget” your Wi-Fi Network and Reconnect again
  • Also try to Reset the Modem/Router
  • You can switch your settings from DHCP to Static Connection on Phone
  • You can also switch your DNS to Google’s Addresses on Phone
  • Edit the Router Bandwidth Settings
  • Adjusting the Router’s Broadcast Channel
  • Changing  the Modem/Router Security Settings and switching OFF the Security option
  • You can also place a  call to your ISP to upgrade you to a Higher Bandwidth/Speed

Solve the Wi-Fi Connection Problem On iPhone X

To solve the Wi-Fi connection issue on your Apple iPhone X, locate Settings from your home screen and tap on it, click on General and then go to iCloud Usage. Click on Manage Storage, and you can now click on an item in your Documents and Data. Drag the items that you wish to delete to the left and click on Delete. To confirm the process, click on Delete All to remove all unwanted data.

Most of the time, the method explained above will be effective in solving the Wi-Fi connect issue but of you are still experiencing slow internet issue after trying all the methods above. I will suggest that complete a “wipe cache partition” to solve the Wi-FI problem. You can be rest assured that your files are safe and nothing will be touched throughout this process. You can carry out this process by activating the Recovery Mode on your Apple iPhone X.