Adsense Ads not showing after https

Adsense Ads not showing after https

Blogger Tips this time on how to cope with Google Adsense fish that sometimes does not appear on a particular post or page after using SSL granting Google (Blogger platform only).

Many complained about this. The reason, by deciding to use HTTPS Google then the formation of the entire blog article links will look different from before. Thus, this is considered to be a link new post by the Adsense algorithm.

That's about the situation. If it is wrong, please correct me through the comments form below, related to the exact reason about the cause of urgency Adsense ads are picky appear in various articles on the blog.

If you recently found out about this HTTPS by Google and want to enable it for your blog, please activate it via

So that Google Adsense ads quickly appear after using HTTPS in Blogger, then do the following way, the second step is not unexpected, it makes netizen tercengan! 
Delete the entire default code of Adsense ad code like this:

Overcoming Adsense Ads Sometimes Does not Appear After Use HTTPS

<script async = 'async' src = '//' />

After that, place the following code above the code




<script type = "text / javascript">
// <! [CDATA [
(function () {var ga = document.createElement ('script'); ga.type = 'text / javascript'; ga.async = true; ga.src = ''; var sa = document.getElementsByTagName ('script') [0]; sa.parentNode.insertBefore (ga, sa); }) ();
</ script>

Then save the Theme.
After the above steps are completed, please continue with the next step, namely:
Login to Google Adsense account.
Select Settings menu > My Sites > Overview. Then click the plus button

Then add your blog URL along with its HTTPS, for example:
See the following picture: 

Adsense Ads not showing after https

Finish by click ADD SITE
After that, just wait a few hours later, then Google Adsense ads will appear to appear throughout the posts or blog articles.

Note:  This only applies to non-AMP templates 
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