Best Free Cloud Storage Services 2018

Free Cloud Storage

This article will discuss about the best and greatest free cloud storage website or online storage, a recommendation for you who want to try something new as a storage for your important files and data.

Currently free cloud storage is increasingly popular as an alternative to hard drive storage PC or laptop. Many are beginning to shift from saving files on the hard drive of computers or laptops to cloud storage.

You see, if you use cloud storage has a variety of advantages. In addition to practical, can also access files anywhere and anytime, as long as there is internet. In addition, storing files in cloud storage is also guaranteed security, especially if you backup files to various cloud storage below.

The best Free Cloud Storage recommendation as an alternative to data storage

Here are some Free Cloud Storage services that offer online storage of all file formats for free, along with free capacity provided.
Although free, but your files or data remain safe and the storage capacity provided is also not a little dong. Instead you can upgrade to premium (paid) to get more storage capacity and more complete fitul.

1. Dropbox

Dropbox is a Free Cloud Storage is quite popular used by various groups in storing various data online. Dropbox offers a storage capacity of 5 GB. 

Dropbox website is very fast in access, and of course equipped with the best security. So that your data will be safer stored there. 

If you feel you will be actively using this online storage service from Dropbox, it will be easier to install the application for both PC / laptop and smartphone. So you do not have to go back and forth to open the browser and visit the website.

2. Google Drive

Google Drive

Cloud storage is Google Drive. A Google-built storage service that delivers free storage of 15 GB. Alias ​​is bigger than Dropbox. 

Google Drive system security certainly no doubt. Naturally, have Google you know. Just like Dropbox, in Google Drive it also provides upgrades to more storage capacity levels for a certain cost. 

3. OneDrive


OneDrive is Microsoft's Free Cloud Storage. OneDrive provides some optional to use their storage services. Which option, if more expensive then it will be directly proportional to the features and storage capacity provided. 

But still, OneDrive also provides a capacity of 5 GB for free you use, filled with various file formats and data can.

4. pCloud


pCloud may not be so popular with the three cloud storage I mentioned earlier. Still you will be made a surprise while knowing the information that I will know the following. 

It turns out oh it turns out, the information is pCloud provide free capacity of 20 GB. The alias is bigger than the previous three storage bosses. 

How? Have you been quite surprised by the information?

5. Sync


Cloud storage which can be used as an alternative storage is Sync. Indeed free storage space provided is 5 GB. It's not as big as Google Drive let alone pClud, but it's okay. 

6. Hubic


From the list above we already know that pCloud is a cloud storage that provides more storage space. But it turns out that is very astonishing is, it turns out Hubic provides more storage space than pCloud, which is equal to 25 GB for free.

7. Degoo


Maybe you are not quite satisfied with the storage capacity provided free of charge by various cloud storage above, calm down first! I still have one more cloud storage that will make you more surprised and finally fainted. 

Degoo, a cloud storage that claims more than a mixture of Dropbox and Google Drive. Why is that? Because Degoo provides free storage capacity of 100 GB. 

Quite surprising is not it? Have you passed out? 

100 GB chow, can fill the refrigerator and two cows online. How, want to try? 

You are even allowed to register all these cloud storage if you want to get 175 GB of free storage space on the internet. Simply wow is not it?

It's more than enough to store all the important and important files on your PC or laptop. Thanks for the help!