Bluetooth issue not able to connect other device iPhone X/8

Bluetooth issue not able to connect other device iPhone X/8

Many iPhone customers reported  the matter, that iPhone 8 or X owners are unable to get connected or work properly with CarPlay. several iPhone X users face issue with Bluetooth. Some iPhone X users are complaining that they're unable to connect to Apple watch while some complains that they're unable to connect to Bose speaker. the problem gets additional severe once users aren't able to connect to their cars like BMW, Mercedes, porshe etc. once attempt to connect iPhone x, it states connected however user hear nothing. The device wont pair or recognize iPhone x. Even in some cases once the devices connects, the Bluetooth connection drops and reconnects once more. Some times  iDrive kept rebooting with eventually resetting it.

In cars over the course of a short drive iPhone X can disconnect the Bluetooth and then reconnect periodically. The older iPhone 7 Plus reported  to worked perfectly within the same vehicle/devices but can come back down to the devices that a personal is using and might generally be solved  by different ways.

What is causing iPhone X Bluetooth issues:

There are general issues with WiFi, Bluetooth, cell radios, etc. due to such a lot of differing versions that are out there, corporations that don't properly follow BT protocols, etc. often these aren't world software problems.
Until Apple or car maker releases any permanent fix, you will attempt below steps for fixing iPhone X Bluetooth issue:

1: change Name of your iPhone X:

If you iPhone X has the same name as the 7, attempt changing it, it sounds weird however works generally.

2: Repair devices

Try to delete all connections each on the cars head unit and also the phone. Delete all previous pairings of iPhone from your car Bluetooth paired device list and repair them. currently check with iPhone x and it should sync well.

3 : Reset Headphones to factory settings

For the matter of connection with the headphone, initializing the headset to restore factory settings would possibly help, hold your Bluetooth power button for 10 seconds it'll reset the Bluetooth headphones

4: Upgrade iOS

Keep upgrading iOS versions as Apple can be already aware to such problems and fixing them in new software system releases. several users confirms that iOS 11.2 has fixed many such BT problems.