Bluetooth Keeps Turning OFF In iPhone X

In this post, we’ll justify how to fix Bluetooth issues on your iPhone X. One common issue is with Bluetooth, a connectivity feature possessed by all modern mobile and smartphones. Bluetooth technology offers quick transfer of files and data between devices within a specific range. Although, some iPhone X users are reporting problems regarding the Bluetooth connectivity of their devices.

Apple has not released a software system or hardware bug report so far since the problem went out. due to this, basic troubleshooting knowledge in solving the Bluetooth connection issue may come in handy, since Bluetooth doesn't only allow connection between 2 phones, but also other devices like speakers, wireless headsets, your trendy car’s digital system, or other hands-free devices. Below, we'll discuss various ways on fixing the Bluetooth problem on your iPhone X, where the Bluetooth connectivity keeps being interrupted.

One technique you can try in fixing the Bluetooth interruption problem is by clearing the Bluetooth cache on your iPhone X using the clear the cache guide. The cache is a store for temporary data. It helps in accessing data quicker, as an example. This helps in switching between applications and keeping consistent settings. Clearing the cache of the Bluetooth restarts it from scratch, resetting everything in the software system. If clearing the cache on your iPhone X doesn't solve this problem, we provide other solutions below.

Fixing the Bluetooth Interruption Issue on Your iPhone X by Deleting App data

Proceed to your phone’s Settings from the home screen. From here, choose General, then Storage & iCloud Usage. select the Manage Storage option. choose unwanted documents or applications, then slide them to the left of your screen to Delete. you can also go to Edit, then Delete All for deletion of all of your application’s data.

Fixing the iPhone X Bluetooth Interruption Issue by Wiping Cache Partition

If clearing app data doesn't work, you can try switching your iPhone X into recovery mode and wiping cache partition. When done, the device should connect to another Bluetooth device within range. These steps should solve any software-related causes of a Bluetooth issue on your iPhone X.