Change Font On iPhone X

There are people of Apple iPhone X that may wish to know how to change font on their smartphone. There are many reasons why user may need to change the font style or the font size.

It’s possible for people of the Apple iPhone X to be able to switch the font style and size on their device as long as the app supports the Dynamic Text type feature. I’ll justify 2 strategies below that you just will use to later the font style on your Apple iPhone X.

Reasons for changing Font Size and Text Size

  • Because you don’t just like the default size
  • Due to of visual problems
  • Because you will like an even bigger or smaller font size

Changing Font Size on iPhone X

  1. Power on your device
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Click ‘Display and Brightness’
  4. Two choices will appear to edit the font
  5. Size: to permit you to decide on size of the text
  6. Bold: you can use this feature to make the text bolder
  7. You’ll need to reboot your device for changes to take effect

How to Switch to Dynamic type on iPhone X

You are additionally allowed to modify the text into Dynamic type to give you a better expertise on your Apple iPhone X. This additionally makes it easier to read text but it’s necessary to let you know that it's not supported by every app. read on to learn a way to change text into dynamic type on Apple iPhone X.

  1. Power up your Apple device
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Select General
  4. Locate Accessibility and faucet thereon
  5. Click on Larger Text
  6. Activate Larger Accessibility Sizes
  7. Adjust the size using the slider