How To Check Serial Number on iPhone 7 Plus

How To Check Serial Number on iPhone 7 Plus
How To Check Serial Number on iPhone 7 Plus

How To Check iPhone 7 Plus Serial number

One of the most necessary security details on your iPhone 7 Plus smartphone that you must know about is the IMEI number. The IMEI acts as your serial number allows you to correctly identify your device. Since the number is a 16-digit value it’s only reasonable that you write it right down to store it permanently. you'll be able to then use the stored IMEI number to prove that you simply} own a given iPhone 7 Plus just incase it gets lost.

Each smartphone is designated a unique International Mobile Station equipment Identity (IMEI). GSM networks use the IMEI number of your smartphone to confirm its validity and to check whether the iPhone 7 Plus you're using is blacklisted or stolen. you can complete the IMEI number verification with AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint simply to make sure it's usable. to find the IMEI number, follow the 3 steps provided below:

Use the iOS to find Device IMEI

Turn on your iPhone 7 Plus if you'd prefer to find the IMEI from the device itself. From your home screen, go to the phone settings and select on Device information. Check on status from where you should be able to see many information entries related to your iPhone 7 Plus including its IMEI number.

Locate the IMEI on the Packaging

Most times, device manufacturers always print the device IMEI on the package before delivering it to suppliers and clients. Check the package your iPhone 7 Plus came in to see if there is a sticker at the back containing the IMEI number.

Use the Service Code to display IMEI number

Finally, the best and direct way to find the IMEI number of your iPhone 7 Plus is by writing in the following service code in the phone dialer;*#06#.

You don’t have to bother pressing OK since the IMEI is displayed immediately you enter the last # in the code.

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