How to Clear Facebook Cache on Galaxy S8

How to Clear Facebook Cache on Galaxy S8 and S8 plus

Using your Galaxy S8 social too long necessitates clear the Facebook Cache S8 from time to time. Clearing the cache helps to mend common bugs in a simple and seamless method. you'll be able to also follow this guide how to factory reset or simply wipe cache.

Follow the guide provided below to know about clearing cache on your Galaxy S8 and the benefits of doing it.

What is a Cache?

We shall briefly find out about a cache, its purpose and why it's necessary to clear the cache. There are 2 types of Cache on your Samsung Galaxy S8 apps cache and system cache. The app cache makes possible temporary memory storage for apps hence making it convenient and simple to use many apps on your smartphone.

The system cache does more or less the same thing while facilitating fluent usage of your device. If data is left to collect without being temporarily stored, it may end up in little bugs or freezing. All this data is non important hence clearing it helps boost the performance of your device.

Clear Facebook Cache S8

You can clear the Facebook cache on your Galaxy S8 by:

  1. Making sure your smartphone is powered on, open the Settings menu
  2. Go to App Manager and click on the Facebook app
  3. Locate app information screen and find Storage
  4. Tap on Cached data
  5. Clear all the cached data

Clearing app cache gets rid of saved information including passwords and app preferences. so before you head during this direction, be sure it's information worth getting rid off.


If the tactic provided above didn’t help to clear the cache, you'll be able to reboot the device. make sure you keep a copy all of your data to avoid losing any of it.

In case rebooting the device doesn’t fix the matter either, your final resort is to clear cache partition. this is an excellent technique to help resolve any issues to do with the cache data on your Galaxy S8 .