How To Clear Google History On iPhone X

If you're using an Apple iPhone X, you would possibly prefer to know how you can clear browsing history on your device. There are many reasons why folks always decide to delete all online activities on their Google Chrome browser before closing the app. i will be able to justify below how you can simply clear Google history on your need to how to clear Google history of your iPhone X.

How you can Delete Google Chrome History on iPhone X

Most iPhone users always prefer to use the iOS pre-installed browser or the Google Chrome for his or her online activities. the method of deleting your online history on each internet browsers is sort of similar. you simply need to click on the three-dot menu button then click on “History” and you can now click on “Clear Browsing Data” icon placed at the bottom of your device screen. you'll select the type of data that you simply would like to remove from your Google Chrome. the only edge that the Google Chrome has over the iOS browser is that you simply are allowed to choose sites that you simply need to delete their data and leave the ones that you simply want to leave.

How you can remove Browser History on iPhone X

You will need to switch on your Apple device then locate your Settings. Once you get there, locate safari and click on it. Then look for Clear History and web site data.You can now click on it and wait for a couple of seconds for the browsing history to be deleted on your iPhone X.