Emergency Alerts On iPhone X

Emergency Alerts On iPhone X
Emergency Alerts On iPhone X

Emergency alerts are necessary but most of the time, it will be annoying especially once it makes weird notification sound or noises with the endless vibrations on the Apple iPhone X. and because of this reason, most of the users are very wanting to know how they can turn off the emergency alerts on their iPhone X.

Like all trendy phone, iPhone X receives emergency notifications from a variety of local and national agencies like fema, the National Weather Service, Amber Alerts and more. These emergency alerts, while important, will be very intrusive under default settings. If you want to change or turn off any of those alerts, read on.

How to turn off Emergency Alerts on the iPhone X

Turning off the AMBER alerts on the iPhone X may be done through the default messaging application. when getting on the messaging app, the next procedures below:

  1. Switch the iPhone X on
  2. Go to Settings from the menu screen
  3. Tap on Notifications from the options
  4. Scroll all the way down to Government Alerts
  5. Turn off the emergency alerts by swiping your finger to the left

If you needed to turn ON the emergency alerts once more, simply redo all the procedures above and recheck the boxes. note that you simply can turn off every kind of alerts except for the presidential ones. As you now learned how to turn off the alerts on the iPhone X, it won’t disturb your sleep again.

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