How To Factory Reset Galaxy S8

How To Factory Reset Galaxy S8

How To factory Reset Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 plus

It is not uncommon for smartphones to own issues, especially so to own some common issues with your Galaxy S8 , usually once this happens it's smart to simply reset your phone. you also might want to begin fresh and that is why you could possibly be resetting your phone. we'll allow you to know the simplest way to factory reset your Galaxy S8.

Just in case something were to go wrong, it's key that you simply back up all necessary files before you choose to reset your Galaxy S8 so you do not lose valuable info. you'll be able to back up your date on your smartphone by simply going to the settings option, then selecting backup and reset.

Factory Reset Galaxy S8

Hit the gear icon after going to the notification section. This wills you to the Settings. After this, click the Backup and reset button that is shown below the User and Backup. you'll then click factory data reset. it's necessary that what you wish kept is saved simply in case then click Reset device. After, you'll hit Delete all and it'll take some minutes for it to be complete.

Using Hardware Keys to Reset your Galaxy S8

You should use the method of using hardware keys to reset your phone if you've got difficulties like forgetting your lock, you are unable to get to the menu, or your touch screen isn't working.

  1. Your Galaxy S8 must be turned off.
  2. Simultaneously turn the volume up click the power and the home button. you'll see an android icon appear.
  3. Choose data reset after finding it using the volume down and after select is by using the power button.
  4. Then hit yes using the same step as above.
  5. The next time your Galaxy S8 restart, you will have to set things up again is everything has been erased.

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