Fixing Slow WiFi On Apple iPhone X

Fixing Slow WiFi On Apple iPhone X

In this post, we are going to show you ways to fix slow wifi connection on your iPhone X. Apple’s iPhone X have nice customization and connectivity options, which includes having the ability to connect to a wireless network to access the net, that permits the user to get pleasure from apps like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and different social media. Although, some users have reported encountering issues while connecting to wifi, being the connection to the net via wifi is slow. Below, we are going to make a case for the different reasons and possible solutions to this problem on your iPhone X.

One of the most possible reasons behind this problem could be a weak wifi signal, that hinders the connection between the iPhone X to the net. Please read on to know a lot of about the common issues and solutions to slow wireless connectivity of your iPhone X.

Common Fixes to the iPhone X Slow wifi connection problem

  • Performing a factory reset on your Apple iPhone X device
  • Removing or Forgetting the wifi connection, and re-establishing a brand new connection
  • Turning the modem or router off, and on again after a couple of seconds
  • Switching from a DHCP to a static phone connection
  • Switching the DNS server of your phone to Google’s address
  • Modifying the bandwidth settings on your router
  • Modifying the broadcast channel of your router
  • Tweaking your modem our router’s Security Settings or disabling security in the meantime
  • Contacting your net service supplier and upgrading your plan to a have higher bandwidth or speed

Fixing Slow wifi connection on iPhone X (Alternative Option)

Access your phone’s Settings, then proceed to General, then Storage & iCloud Usage. From here, choose the Manage Storage option. notice and select an item on the Documents and data section to delete. you'll be able to do that by tapping it and sliding your finger towards the left, and choosing Delete. alternatively, you can choose Delete All from the Edit menu to remove all unwanted app data.

In usual cases, the answer provided above will be able to help solve the slow wifi connection issue on your Apple iPhone X. However, in rare cases that i doesn’t fix the problem, and you're still experiencing slow wifi connection, performing a complete cache partition wipe should complete the task. Doing this doesn't delete or modify any necessary files or information as opposed to doing a factory reset on your phone. you'll be able to do that by following our how to clear iPhone X cache guide.

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