How To Backup Your iPhone X

How To Backup Your iPhone X

If you have an iPhone X, you may wish to know how you can backup your device to iCloud. the most advantage of knowing how to do that is that you just will be sure that all your files including video, picture, documents contacts are safe and secured in case there is a serious issue with your iPhone X.

First, you’ll have to turn on the automatic Backup feature in iCloud. this is often accomplished from within the Settings app on your iPhone X by going to iCloud. Then choose the Backup and switch on iCloud Backup by moving the toggle to ON. A dialogue message popup wil appear. Tap OK.

How to Backup Your iPhone X Manually

Once you’ve activated the backup on your iPhone X via iCloud, it'll always backup your new files once daily. If you’d prefer to backup more often, read on for instructions.

  1. Power on iPhone X
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Select iCloud
  4. Tap Backup
  5. You can now click on back up now

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