How To Block Calls On iPhone X

Most users of the iPhone X will prefer to know how they can block calls on their device. There are a lot of reasons why an owner of the iPhone X may decide to block calls from a known or unknown number. one in all the reasons why users always prefer to block calls from unknown numbers is because of spammers and telemarketers that disturb folks with calls daily. Continue reading to be told how you can simply block calls on your iPhone X.

How To Block Specific Callers On iPhone X

One way of block calls on your iPhone X is to locate your device Contact and then head to Settings, click on Phone then click on Blocked and click on Add new. Then you'll be able to look for the contact that you’d prefer to block from reaching you on your iPhone X.

How To Block Calls via do not Disturb On iPhone X

Another effective and common technique of block calls on your iPhone X is by going to Settings then click on “Do Not Disturb”.

At this page, you'll be able to enter the phone number or the contact that you simply need to block from calling you on your iPhone X. other calls from contacts and unknown number won't be able to reach you till you deactivate the ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature on your iPhone X.