How To Change Languages On Essential PH1

The Essential PH1 has many languages that you just can use that makes it highly usable anyplace round the globe. If for a few reasons the Essential PH1 smartphone you're using has a default language that you don’t understand too well, you'll be able to simply change it to something you can understand.

There are several languages supported on Essential PH1 including German, Korean among several others. Any language change also affects other applications, settings and third party apps as well. If you change the keyboard language singly, your different applications will not be affected by the language change.

This would possibly sound a bit technical but once we get down to doing it, you'll understand it isn't as hard as it sounds. 

How to change language on Essential PH1

  1. With your Essential PH1 turned on, head to the Settings and click on My Device
  2. In the MY Device menu, you'll see a Language and Input choice under the control subtitle
  3. Choose on the new language that you'd prefer to set as the main language on your Essential PH1

Changing the keyboard language on Essential PH1

  1. Turn on the Essential PH1
  2. Go to settings
  3. Under System section, look for Language
  4. Just next to the keyboard, click on the gear shaped icon and choose the language you'd prefer to use as your default keyboard language
  5. Look for the checkmark near the language you have selected  and select on it then uncheck the other language you don’t intend on using
  6. When you use your keyboard, slide sideways to swipe between the keyboards if you chose multiple keyboards

I can’t find my language?

If for a few reasons the language you would like to use can't be found under the available choices, you need to Root the Essential PH1 smartphone.

To root your Essential PH1

  1. Download and install MoreLocale 2
  2. Launch the MoreLocale 2 and click on custom locale at the top
  3. Select the ISO639 and the ISO3166 to pick your country and most well-liked language then click to set

As you have read, the directions sound a bit technical but along with your Essential PH1 in your hands and with some data bundles, you should be ready to set any language you would like as your standard Essential PH1 interface language.