How To Clear Cache On Google Pixel 2

Does your android phone will feel slow or lag ? you can either factory reset to the first settings or you can wipe the cache.

The easiest and least detrimental way to fix your pixel 2 is wipe the system cache partition. This method ought to solve simplest software system issues together with slowed operation and freezes. These directions will show you the way to empty the pixel 2 cache.

What is the aim of the Cache?

The pixel 2 has 2 separate cache types. there's a system cache used in the main by the software. every app also has its own dedicated cache within its own storage sector. This cache functions as temporary information so that it may be accessed almost instantly once switching back and forth through apps. though the system cache on the pixel 2 has more or less the same uses, it's meant for the entire android software and not only for any specific app. so for any issues arising from the operation of a certain app, it might be highly suggested to simply clear the cache of the that specific app to solve these problems.

Clear App Cache for Google pixel 2

If the problems are being caused by a specific app, it might be optimal to simply clear the specific app’s cache. keep in mind that the app will lose all progress, passwords, etc. Do so by performing these steps:

  1. Check to see if your Google pixel 2 is turned on
  2. Next, choose Settings
  3. Then, choose Apps & Notifications
  4. Select App info
  5. Select the app whose cache must be cleared
  6. Select Storage
  7. Tap Clear Cache & Clear data
  8. To clear for each app’s cache, simply go to Settings and then to Storage
  9. Press Cached data to remove all cache from every app

Additional Steps to fix Slow pixel 2

If once you’ve finished clearing the app cache to no avail, following technique would be to delete the app. Then restart the phone. Before rebooting the pixel 2, backup all of your data. If even if this still doesn’t resolve the pixel 2 issue, it might be best that you just do a full system wipe. In other words, you’ll want to clear he cache partition.

How to Wipe the Cache Partition the Google pixel 2

  1. Make sure to power the pixel 2 off
  2. Press and hold the volume Down and Power buttons down at the same time
  3. The phone will vibrate
  4. Press Volume Down till you hit Recovery Mode
  5. Press Power to restart into Recovery Mode
  6. You’ll see the android robot exclamation mark with a red triangle
  7. Press and hold Power and Volume Up buttons simply to scroll to Wipe Cache Partition
  8. Press Power to select
  9. Your pixel 2 will ask, ‘Wipe all user data?’
  10. Confirm by pressing Volume down to scroll to yes
  11. Press Power to pick
  12. It will take around five minutes to clear the cache
  13. Press Volume down to scroll to reboot System now
  14. Press Power to pick
  15. Your pixel 2 will restart  with a very clean system cache