How To Disable GPS on iPhone X

Owners of the iPhone X may be curious about knowing how they can turn off the GPS on your device. this is often smart to know because of some apps run use GPS in the background even once you are not using the app.

One of the disadvantages of apps running in the background is that it consumes your data and battery life making your iPhone X battery to drain quickly. a standard believe that is wrong is that the GPS stops working once you activate the airplane Mode on your iPhone X. but there's no need to be upset, because there are ways to fix the GPS issue on your iPhone X.

How to Deactivate GPS on iPhone X

One of the benefits of the knowing how to deactivate the GPS is that it saves a lot of battery life and data once the feature isn't in use. Apple iOS permits you to simply switch off and on Bluetooth, wifi and airplane Mode, but the GPS isn't among these options.

However, this should not discourage you from learning how you'll deactivate the GPS feature on your iPhone X. it's quite simple to switch off your GPS on iPhone X. All you would like to do is to click on Settings then find Privacy and look for Location Services. you can now move the toggle to on and off to switch off the GPS feature on your iPhone X. You’ll also see a list of apps that works with the GPS feature. you're allowed to manually switch off the GPS permission for every app that you just would like on your iPhone X.