How To Enable Handwriting Mode On iPhone X

In this Post, we'll show you the way to enable Handwriting mode on your iPhone X. Apple’s iPhone X have nice customization, accessibility and quality features, which includes a handwriting mode feature as an alternative to your on-screen keyboard. while writing messages, e-mails, or different text that needs typing, you'll now use this mode which permits you to swipe the letters on the screen with your finger, as if you're actually writing the letters. This makes constructing sentences quicker and feels a lot of natural as opposed to a keyboard. It recognizes your handwriting and converts it to text automatically. Although, some users have reported not being able to use this feature. Therefore, below, we'll make a case for in easy step-by-step directions how to turn the Handwriting mode feature on your iPhone X.

Enabling the Handwriting Mode on Your iPhone X

  1. Switch your iPhone X ON
  2. Access the Messages app
  3. Create a new message or select the conversation you would like to reply to using Handwriting Mode
  4. Switch your iPhone’s orientation to landscape
  5. Select the keyboard icon that is located below the white section in the bottom right hand corner of your screen

By following the simple to follow step-by-step directions provided above, you'll currently turn on Handwriting mode on your iPhone X. iPhone X are both one of the best-selling phones in 2016. So, with a million wide user-base, it is essential to know how to operate the phone, and tweak it according to the user’s preferences, during this case, using Handwriting Mode in composing messages on your iPhone X, instead of the default on-screen keyboard.