How To Fix Blurry Videos and Pictures For iPhone X or Phone 8

How To Fix Blurry Videos and Pictures For iPhone X or Phone 8

The iPhone X or iPhone 8 camera apps can sometimes take blurry videos or photos. In fact, once this blurry effect shows up, it manifests on each videos and photos. As weird because it might sound, as long as it starts showing up from the moment you got your iPhone, it’s nice news. That’s because it's going to not be such a big deal.

You’ll find this funny, but the number one reason why new iPhone X or iPhone 8 users get blurry photos is that the plastic foil protecting the camera lens. It comes like that from the factory (which is why we said it’s excellent news if you get this “problem” from the moment you get it) and it’s often overlooked. After all, the transparent plastic casing is really hard to notice. And with all the excitement of unpacking the iPhone, you'll be able to lose it out of sight.

Of course, the method of fixing these blurry videos and photos on iPhone X or iPhone 8 or iPhone X or iPhone 8 isn't always rainbows and butterflies. There are instances when the foil has been removed but the matter persists. If that’s the case, you can.

1: Clear the cache and the data of the camera app :

  1. To clear the cache and data you need to make it to the Documents submenu, within the Settings app
  2. Launch the app and, from the general menu, select the Storage & iCloud Usage, followed by Manage Storage, followed, finally, by that Documents and data option
  3. In there, swipe left on each of the items you wish to clear data for and use the Delete option
  4. If you don’t need to manually handle the matter, use the Edit and the Delete All choices to get over it.

2: Do an iPhone X or iPhone 8 factory reset :

  1. Turn back to Settings, General
  2. Select the Reset tab
  3. To initiate the process, confirm your ownership by typing the Apple ID and password
  4. Wait for the device to reset
  5. Unlock the screen and test the camera app.

Just to be clear, if you’re sad and still getting fuzzy results even when you have done this factory reset, it’s serious. Take the phone into service and get a professional solution!

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