How To Fix iPhone X Keeps Restarting

If you have got continuous restarting problems with iPhone X, when it was ok with no problems before. you'll be able to attempt some of these following steps to help solve your restarting problem along with your iPhone X. the simplest option that we may suggest is to go to an Apple Store and get the iPhone X replaced or fixed quickly.

To confirm if an iPhone X is still covered under the warranty of Apple care go to the AppleSupport Page, and enter the serial number of your iPhone to check if your gadget is still covered.

It helps you save cash if your iPhone X is covered by Apple Care warranty especially when you have phone problems like the continuous restart issue and a few other serious phone problems as well. you also need to be careful if your iPhone X have problems like restarting randomly. If these issues also appear on your iPhone X, we recommend that you just should also get the iPhone X checked out by Apple Support

In the event that you are experiencing these problems on your iPhone X but you do not have Apple Care, we've got some steps and guides below to help solve the problem.

Switch ON/OFF your iPhone X

When an iPhone X keeps restarting continuously there is usually a problem with the cellular data. the best suggestion we will give to resolve the problem is to open Settings> Cellular>  Cellular data then switch the button to OFF then Switch it back ON. you can also visit the Apple Support Page for an example of how to solve this issue, take a look here.

Tips on how to Fix when Your iPhone X Keeps Rebooting:

  1. Hold both the “Power” and “Home” button till the screen goes blank.
  2. Then, connect with iTunes. it'll “detect” the iPhone X in “recovery mode”
  3. You can only restore your iPhone through this technique. so try restoring your iPhone X.

Might be a Faulty Application:

Some applications consume high amounts of battery, especially those Applications that keep updating automatically throughout the day. once applications consume huge amount of battery, sometimes an iPhone X would keep restarting itself. If an Application causes this issue for you, try to delete that application.  Delete the app > Then reboot your iPhone > after that sync with iTunes and see if the problem will be fixed.