How To Fix iPhone X Won't Turn On

How To Fix iPhone X Won't Turn On

How To Fix iPhone X Won't Turn On

Do not forget to take note that simply because your iPhone X is unresponsive, it doesn’t mean that the iPhone X is broken. Also, there’s a good chance that your iPhone X is still under warranty which will cover any issues.

Below are some solutions which will help tell you what to do if your iPhone X won’t turn on.

Restore iPhone X

If you wish to know what to do if your iPhone X  won’t turn on, try and restore the iPhone X. It’s necessary that using the tactic can lose all data, photos and apps that haven’t been already backed up.

To restore your iPhone X, connect the iPhone X  to iTunes and wait till you see a pop-up message that tells you to restore or update the iPhone X. Next click on Restore and iTunes will start to restore your iPhone X. It should take about 20-30 minutes for the method to be complete. when this method, you must be able to start using your iPhone X like normal once more.

Charge iPhone X

The main reason why iPhone X won’t turn on is as a result of the battery is dead and not been charged properly. a good way to know that you simply just need to charge your iPhone X is that once you go to turn it on, a low battery icon that's red will show real fast, then the screen will turn off.

If this can be the case, then all you need to do is charge the iPhone X for about 15 minutes to give it some power before you begin using it once more.

Hard Reset iPhone X

Hard resetting the iPhone is another answer you can do if your iPhone X wont turn on. hard resetting the iPhone X is similar to killing all the power to the iPhone, like removing the battery from the smartphone. Since the iPhone X doesn’t have battery you'll be able to remove, this can be an alternative answer to solving your problem.

This methodology is recommended if you don’t see the low power sign on your iPhone X screen that was mentioned earlier. the first you need to do is hold down the home button and power button at the same time. Then keep holding both buttons till you see the Apple logo show up on the screen. Once you see the Apple logo, let go of both buttons. currently you need to wait a bit, till the iPhone X  reboots.

A pop-up error message will show saying to connect the iPhone X to iTunes.
Once you connect your iPhone X to iTunes, you'll be able to restore your iPhone X and get everything back to the way it was.