How To Fix Keeps Restarting iPhone X

How To Fix iPhone X Keeps Restarting

The iPhone X is most likely to be the simplest smartphone out there right now however it's far from being excellent. after a while, the phone starts to act funny then poof, it suddenly reboots out of nowhere.

When your iPhone X starts to reboot randomly, the simplest course of action is have your phone checked by a licensed Apple technician to figure out of the matter is software system or hardware related or that the iPhone X that you simply bought is defective from the very starting. That method you'll be able to have your unit replaced as soon as possible.

When your iPhone X starts to restart randomly, it may be a sign of a major malfunction on the smartphone. If you want it replaced, check to see if it's still below warranty under Apple Care because it can save you a lot of cash. but consult with an Apple client support representative first to understand your options once encountering such a problem with your phone. this will save you time on going back and forth to the retail store where you bought your iPhone X.

Having the iPhone X below Apple Care once it keeps restarting can help you save lots of cash just in case something is heavily damaged with the device. you must also get the iPhone checked out by Apple Support if you have got an iPhone X that keeps rebooting, shutting off or freezing.

If you don’t have Apple Care, but are still experiencing random restarts on your iPhone X, and if still say “My iPhone keeps restarting,” the following directions are some tips and solutions to help fix the problem.

Turn ON/OFF Cellular

Oftentimes, an iPhone X keeps restarting itself over and over when there is a problem with the cellular data. the most effective way to solve the iPhone from restarting would be to go to Settings -> Cellular -> Cellular data, then turn the toggle to “Off” then back “On”.

Steps to fix when iPhone X Keeps Restarting with Apple logo

  1. Hold the “Power” and “Home” button at the same time till the screen goes blank
  2. Next, is to connect to iTunes. it'll “detect” the iPhone X in “recovery mode”
  3. After that, you'll be able to now restore your iPhone X to prevent it from restarting itself

Faulty App

Applications devour huge amounts of battery life from an iPhone X, especially those Apps that are constantly updating all throughout the day. If this is often the case with your smartphone, it may result in the iPhone X restarting itself. If a faulty App causes these problems for you, you'll be able to try to delete  it. What you need to do is to Delete the app -> reboot your iPhone -> sync with iTunes and see if this fixes the problem.

Recovery Mode & Restore technique

This technique is a good way to help solve the problem when an iPhone X keeps restarting repeatedly. even though it'd seem like a simple fix when it keeps restarting itself, it’s harder to implement if your iPhone X keeps shutting off or rebooting each two-three minutes or so.

If things go well, you’ll have an iPhone X that’s ready to be setup. when you do this method, all data are going to be deleted and also the settings will be like new. It’s necessary to backup all data on the iPhone X before attempting to repair any problems when an iPhone X keeps restarting over and over.

Restore old Backup

If none of the ways provided above works to help fix iPhone X restarting issue, this technique could do the trick. First, connect your iPhone X to iTunes then restore from an old backup that you simply have done. when the backup has been completed the iPhone X keeps restarting itself over and over again issue are generally fixed.