How To Fix Signal Strength On iPhone X

How To Fix Signal Strength On iPhone X

A faulty connection can be a huge problem and it's been commonly reported by some iPhone X users. especially after they are using apps which need an internet connection like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter and YouTube. the following directions will walk you through a step-by-step method on how you can fix the bad connection problem on the iPhone X.

There are some of different reasons why the you're experiencing a slow net which ends in web site pages not being able to load. now before we get to the nitty gritty of the kinds of solutions to fix a weak net connection on the iPhone X, here are many reasons why this problem is happening on your smartphone.

Common reasons why iPhone X bad signal strength:

  • Poor signal or low signal strength.
  • Poor WiFi network.
  • Website is under heavy load or too many users accessing the web site.
  • Network congestion or too many users of the network.
  • Apps running in the background.
  • Device memory is low.
  • Internet cache is corrupted or full.
  • Update the iPhone X firmware.
  • Outdated browser software system or browser software system requires update.
  • Exceeded data speed limit or speed reduction is reached.

Any one of these causes stated above are often the reason for a slow net connection on the iPhone X. If you have got determined the cause of the matter that is behind the weak data connection, and you still can’t crack how to fix the bad internet problem, then it's suggested that you simply perform the solutions provided below on how to fix the iPhone X slow internet issue.

Make sure WiFi Assist is turned off on iPhone X

It is very usual that your iPhone X may be still connected to a weak wifi signal, and you should you inspect to make sure the wifi is deactivated or turned OFF. The steps below will take you to the WiFi settings of the iPhone X:

  1. Make sure to turn on your Apple iPhone X smartphone.
  2. Open Settings.
  3. Press Cellular.
  4. Browse till you find WiFi Assist.
  5. Change the toggle to OFF, so you stay connected to WiFi even when the wireless connection of your Apple iPhone X is the most powerful.

Get Technical Support

Now, if you're still having the problem despite doing all the specified steps to fix the device. it's highly suggested that you simply take your smartphone back to where you purchased it so that it can be checked for any defects by a licensed Apple technician. so that it can be replaced if it actually has factory defects.