How To Make Screen Rotate For iPhone X

In this Post, we’ll show you the way to make the screen of the iPhone X rotate. Apple’s new iPhone X has a range of customization options, including rotating the screen for way more flexible usage via the phone’s accelerometer. Sometimes, though, issues with the hardware or software system can interfere with proper screen rotation. read on and  we’ll enumerate some reasons for this problem and hopefully supply some resolution.

One other issue that iPhone X users are experiencing is that the wrong rotation of the screen by default once opening the camera, where the pictures on screen are being displayed upside down.

Fixing Screen Rotate on iPhone X

Screen rotation and accelerometer not working on the iPhone X can be fixed by 2 ways. One is to perform a hard reset on the iPhone X. this can be only suggested as a last resort if the other technique fails to fix the matter.

Another easy and effective technique on solving iPhone X screen rotation issue is to check if the user has possibly set the lock screen choice off. The directions below provide you with the steps on how to unlock the Portrait Orientation Lock Feature.

  1. Switch your iPhone X ON
  2. While at the home screen of your device, swipe up
  3. A window appears from the bottom of the screen. Here, click the lock screen from the highest right corner
  4. Flip and rotate your phone to check if screen rotation is working. this will change the orientation of the screen

Hard Reset

Sometimes, you’ll need to reset your device to its factory defaults. To perform a factory reset on your iPhone X, refer to this guide. you'll be able to also check with the manufacturer, as they may know what caused these issues on your device, and their corresponding solutions.

Another unconventional technique that may help solve this iPhone X issue according to some users is to gently hit the device with your hand. you may try this at your own risk.

A hard reset is the most reliable method solve the iPhone X issue with the screen not rotating. Though, it'll delete all the data on the device. This includes applications, music, photos, and videos, which is why it's necessary to backup all of your necessary data beforehand. try this by accessing Settings, then Backup & Reset.