How To Mute And Silence iPhone X

How To Mute And Silence iPhone X

How To Mute And Silence Apple iPhone X

As somebody who has their hands on the Apple iPhone X, you'd probably need to understand how to mute ringtones and other notification tunes on the iPhone X, which might be finished many different choices. the purpose for wanting to know how to mute an iPhone X is because it'd help you stop unwanted distractions once you’re in class, in meetings, or different necessary events.

In addition to the regular mute, silent and vibrate mode options that's on almost all smartphones, the Apple iPhone X also has the ability to switch off sounds with easy motions and gestures that makes life pretty convenient. the following directions will explain how to mute a iPhone X.

Muting iPhone X with Regular Mute Functions

The quickest and most convenient technique to mute the iPhone X is to use the volume control button located on the left side of the smartphone. What you have to do is hold down the button till it changes to silent mode. One other technique to put iPhone X into Silent mode is by simply flipping the switch located above the volume buttons “down” to mute the iPhone X.

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